Stainless Steel Longline Circle Hooks

No more filing or sharpening rusted tips.
No rusted groundline.

Tested in Alaskan waters and approved by Alaskan fishermen.

hook sizes


We also have hooks designed for use with automatic baiting systems.

Qi Hooks for Marco systems:

13/0 - 3.0mm wire
14/0 - 3.6mm wire

Circle hooks with Swivel


New Coming Q-16+S8


11/0 w/#3 swivel
12/0 w/#3 swivel
13/0 w/#4 swivel
14/0 w/#4 swivel
15/0 w/#6 SS swivel, the #6 swivel tensile force =1,200lbs!
16/0 w/#6 SS swivel, the #6 swivel tensile force =1,200lbs!
16/0 w/#6 SS swivel, the #8 swivel tensile force =1,540lbs! Swivel loop inner diameter 7.5mm
* SS swivel is 50% stronger than the normally used brass swivel
Swivel Strength Comparison:
QiHooks 6/0 SS swivel ---1,200 LB
QiHooks 8/0 SS swivel ---1,540 LB
Rosco 8/0 Brass swivel--- 800 LB
Rosco 10/0 Brass swivel ---1,000 LB

Can you spot the Qi Hooks?

Can you spot the Qi Hooks?

Qi hooks are the hooks that are still bright. That is , because they are stainless steel. This is gear that has been used a season or two. The boat was changing over to qi hooks when this gear was taking out of storage. After seeing this the boat changed all their hooks over to qi hooks exclusively. There are some other benefits to using qi hooks. There were less broken points with the qi hooks because the points weren't rusty and didn't snap in the gurdy. It is a whole lot easier to change the hooks because the hooks were not rusted onto the gangions after a season or two. They are also a quicker hook to bait as they are sharper and the hooks go into the bait easier.

Hooks for Commercial Fishermen