Troll Hooks
Stainless steel - Sharp right out of the box.

Tested in Alaskan waters and approved by Alaskan fishermen.

Troll hook size chart
SS - stainless steel hook
SSB - blued stainless steel hook
Hook sizes and styles
Hook style Size
Q510 5/0, 6/0, 7/0, 8/0
Q510N barbless 6/0
Q510BB (blued hook) 5/0, 6/0, 7/0
Q517 5/0, 6/0
*Q517XS (extra strong) 7/0, 8/0
Q517BB (blued hook) 5/0, 6/0
*Q517XSBB (blued hook) (extra strong) 7/0
*Q165 Barker Hook 6/0, 7/0, 8/0
*Q165BB Barker Hook (blued hook) 6/0, 7/0, 8/0
QH Herring Hook 7/0, 8/0

*XS hook is extra strong, 0.25mm thicker wire diameter than normal.

*Barker Hook, is a Q510 with a shorter distance between the needle and the shank. This hook is a popular winter king salmon hook in sitka.

All of our troll hooks come with the eye open for your convenience.

Hooks for Commercial Fishermen